The Cactus Sarah Haywood Blank Cover

Czech Republic

Publisher: Albatros Media

Le Cactus Sarah Haywood Cover


Publisher: Editions Denoël

Der Kaktus Sarah Haywood Cover


Publisher: Piper Verlag

The Cactus Sarah Haywood Blank Cover


Publisher: Feltrinelli Editore

The Cactus Sarah Haywood Blank Cover


Publisher: Uitgeverij De Fontein

The Cactus Sarah Haywood Cover

United Kingdom

Publisher: Two Roads

The Cactus Sarah Haywood US cover

United States/Canada

Publisher: Park Row Books

Cactus Graphic

There’s no better feeling than spotting your book as soon as you enter a bookshop in your home city. Really delighted to see The Cactus on the front table in Foyles in Birmingham (where I grew up and where much of the book is set). I love #Birmingham. I love @Foyles.

Very happy to see #TheCactus is one of @BestMagOfficial’s best books for November, in the ‘Heart-warmers’ category. Their advice is to read it if you loved a certain very popular novel