The Cactus Sarah Haywood Blank Cover

Czech Republic

Publisher: Albatros Media

Le Cactus Sarah Haywood Cover


Publisher: Editions Denoël

Der Kaktus Sarah Haywood Cover


Publisher: Piper Verlag

The Cactus Sarah Haywood Blank Cover


Publisher: Feltrinelli Editore

The Cactus Sarah Haywood Blank Cover


Publisher: Uitgeverij De Fontein

The Cactus Sarah Haywood Cover

United Kingdom

Publisher: Two Roads

The Cactus Sarah Haywood US cover

United States/Canada

Publisher: Park Row Books

Cactus Graphic

"Brilliant book" "Excellent read" "Fantastic" "Couldn't put it down..."

#TheCactus by @SarahxHaywood is going down rather well at our #bookclub this month


@elizabethbuchan @vwallop Oh and one of my absolute favourites this year - #TheCactus by @SarahxHaywood

For holiday vibe #AnItalianSummer by @FannyBlake1 and #YouMeEverything both great too.
And loads more!

At John Lennon airport, airside, I spotted the rare, yellow ‘airport exclusive’ edition of The Cactus 🌵💛