Sarah Haywood was born in Birmingham. She studied Law at Kent University and Chester College of Law, then worked as a trainee solicitor in London.

After qualification, she moved to Liverpool, working first as a solicitor, then as an advice worker with Citizens Advice. She subsequently joined the Office of the Legal Services Ombudsman, where she investigated complaints about lawyers. 

Sarah completed an Open University Creative Writing Course, followed by an MA in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. She lives in Liverpool with her husband and two sons.

Sarah is currently working on her second novel.

Cactus Graphic

"Brilliant book" "Excellent read" "Fantastic" "Couldn't put it down..."

#TheCactus by @SarahxHaywood is going down rather well at our #bookclub this month


@elizabethbuchan @vwallop Oh and one of my absolute favourites this year - #TheCactus by @SarahxHaywood

For holiday vibe #AnItalianSummer by @FannyBlake1 and #YouMeEverything both great too.
And loads more!

At John Lennon airport, airside, I spotted the rare, yellow ‘airport exclusive’ edition of The Cactus 🌵💛